Reign Fat Quarter Bundle
Reign Fat Quarter Bundle

Reign Fat Quarter Bundle

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One fat quarter (approximately 18"x22") of each of the 24 fabrics shown

Designer Ruby Star Society, Manufacturer Moda Fabrics

Hand cut
RS1026 11M, RS1026 12M, RS1026 14M, RS1026 15M, RS1026 16M, RS1027 11M, RS1027 12M, RS1027 13M, RS1027 14M, RS1028 11M, RS1028 12M, RS1028 13M, RS1028 14M, RS1029 11M, RS1029 13M, RS1029 16M, RS1030 11M, RS1030 12M, RS1030 13M, RS1030 15M, RS1030 16M, RS1031 11M, RS1031 12M, RS1031 14M

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